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Shaquille O’Neal again threatens Charles Barkley with violence on ‘Inside the NBA’

Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal were back at it during TNT’s coverage of Wednesday night’s NBA playoff action, and once again a threat of violence was issued … hopefully in a joking manner.

The “Inside the NBA” crew were providing its usual top-notch analysis of the Game 1 showdown between the Milwaukee Bucks and Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference Finals when Shaq became frustrated with Barkley interrupting him.

O’Neal’s harsh clap back at Sir Charles occurred as the two debated how the Bucks could best utilize Giannis Antetokounmpo. The two outspoken analysts unsurprisingly could not agree on the issue. What set O’Neal off, though, was when Barkley would not let him finish his thought on the matter.

“Let me finish before you get knocked out,” O’Neal said to Barkley during TNT’s halftime breakdown of the Hawks’ 116-113 victory over the host Bucks.

The outspoken “Inside the NBA” analysts having it out in such a manner has long been part and parcel of the iconic “Inside the NBA” studio show. It does merit noting, though, that this is not the first time Shaq has threatened his “Inside the NBA” cohort with physical violence.

O’Neal and Barkley engaging in a contentious debate of course is business as usual on “Inside the NBA,” and it’s certainly part of why the program is widely regarded as the best sports studio show in television history. 

What’s more, both O’Neal and Barkley are well aware of how the on-air fireworks between them keeps viewers glued to their televisions every time the duo share the same oversized desk.