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Reggie Miller trolls Knicks fan Spike Lee over briefly leaving seat during Game 5 loss

The New York Knicks were eliminated from the postseason with Wednesday night’s Game 5 loss to the Atlanta Hawks at Madison Square Garden.

The realization that his beloved team put up such little fight in the series — and especially in the 103-89 Game 5 loss — apparently was a bit too much for Knicks superfan Spike Lee to bear. Well, at least for a brief stretch during the fourth quarter.

Cameras captured Lee leaving his courtside seat with under four minutes left in the fourth quarter. TNT color man and historic Knicks villain Reggie Miller trolled Lee over the exit during the game’s telecast.

“Oh Spike’s leaving early, come on a second,” [Marv] Albert said, as transcribed by the New York Post.  

“That’s a fair-weather fan right there,” Miller remarked.

“If you want to be the number one supporter of the Knicks, you gotta stay here and take it like, like the guys on the floor.”

Lee’s absence was a short-lived one, as cameras later caught a dejected-looking Lee back in his seat to witness the late-game carnage, including Hawks superstar and first-round hero taunting the fans at Madison Square Garden.

Setting aside his responsibility to be a neutral observer as a broadcaster, the moment must have been sweet for Miller, who along with Young is among most-hated opposing players in Knicks history.

Back in 1994 in the Eastern Conference Finals, Miller’s heroic Game 5 in an Indiana Pacers’ 93-86 victory over the Knicks is perhaps one of the most iconic postseason performances in MSG history.

And now with this season’s humbling playoff elimination, the long-suffering Lee can add another sad chapter to a Knicks fandom scarred by many bad memories.