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Noah Syndergaard calls out Tom Brady over restrictive TB12 Method diet regimen

Noah Syndergaard recently conducted an off-the-wall interview with GQ, during which the rehabbing New York Mets fireballer sneaked in some pot shots at seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady.

Syndergaard, known affectionately as “Thor,” was remarkably provocative and occasionally outrageous during the bonkers interview, but his comments about Brady’s notoriously restrictive diet, under the guidelines of his created TB12 Method, perhaps generated the most attention.

In his candid comments regarding the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signal-caller’ no-nonsense dietary habits, Syndergaard bemoaned how too many individuals shy away from red meat, a philosophy which the Mets pitcher definitely has no interest in following.

“We don’t really do, like, the normal ‘healthy eating,’ as you would say, like the basic Tom Brady diet, which is… don’t get me started on that,” Syndergaard told GQ. “A lot of red meat — grass-fed, grass-finished — none of that conventionally-raised bull—-.”

Syndergaard did somewhat endorse the TB12 diet under certain circumstances, however,

“I just think it’s… it’s fine, I guess, for mitigating inflammation and whatnot,” Syndergaard added. “I think that people shun red meat way too much.”

The outspoken Syndergaard also raised eyebrows in the interview with the revelation that he ascribes to the curious theory of “grounding” or “earthing,” which involves “basically standing barefoot and making a connection to the earth,” in the Mets star’s words.

Syndergaard’s critical rhetoric is unlikely to ruffle Brady’s feathers. After all, the 43-year-old continues to defy Father Time and appears more than capable of helping defend the Bucs’ Super Bowl LV title in 2021. The three-time NFL MVP attributes his restrictive TB12 regimen as the reason why he continues to thrive despite his advanced age.

What’s more, it’s not all doom and gloom and blandness for Brady due to TB12. The Bucs signal-caller occasionally treats himself by going outside the TB12 routine to indulge himself. Brady even partied hard at the Bucs’ Super Bowl championship celebration earlier this year and was spotted looking a bit inebriated after perhaps overindulging on some adult beverages.