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Roger Goodell’s draft chair on display at Pro Football Hall of Fame

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s draft chair has been the inanimate star of the past two drafts, and the piece of furniture originally from his basement has made the trek to Canton.

It was announced Friday that Goodell’s iconic easy-chair is presently on display at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Goodell’s chair made its auspicious debut at the all-virtual 2020 NFL Draft when the commissioner oversaw the proceedings from the basement of his home in Bronxville, N.Y., because of the coronavirus pandemic. It became quite the hit –and source of countless snarky social media reactions — with NFL fans.

So much so, Goodell brought the chair to Cleveland, where it was prominently on display onstage at the 2021 NFL Draft last weekend. Fans of teams who were on the clock during the first round were even allowed to kick back and relax in Goodell’s chair as the selection came in.

Additional items of memorabilia from the 2021 NFL Draft also arrived at the Hall this week.

Along with Commissioner Goodell’s chair, visitors to the Pro Football Hall of Fame also can view numerous other draft-related artifacts, including all 32 draft cards from this year’s first round,” reads a Hall of Fame announcement. “The 5-inch-by-4-inch cards – the ones each NFL team representative delivered to league staff for the official selection of their choice – are on display in the “Pro Football Today Gallery.”

As noted in the Hall of Fame’s statement, Goodell’s chair is on loan and will be only on display for the next four months, so the expectation is that it will return to the commissioner’s basement man cave at some point.