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Charles Barkley trashes fan critical of him and Shaquille O’Neal

Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal were back at it during coverage of Thursday night’s NBA action on TNT, once again bickering their way through a segment.

While the outspoken “Inside the NBA” analysts having it out has long been part and parcel of the iconic studio show, it led to one fan calling them out over this latest on-air spat. And in doing so, the critic incurred the wrath of Sir Charles.

It all played out during a halftime report Thursday night when a dispatch from a blue check Twitter critic was shared in a graphic. “do shaq and charles even know what they’re arguing about?” the tweet read.

Barkley’s reaction to the criticism? Patented savagery.

“What you talking about? We’re talking basketball,” Barkley fired back, “shut the hell up and watch!” 

Here’s the spirited debate between Shaq and Sir Charles that presumably inspired the critique in the first place.

That wasn’t even the end of Barkley and O’Neal having it out on Thursday night, either.

O’Neal and Barkley getting into a shouting match is of course business as usual on “Inside the NBA,” and it’s part of the reason why the program is widely regarded as the best sports studio show in television history. The fact that Shaq didn’t threaten to punch Barkley — again — is a testament to how things could have gotten even further out of hand than what played out on Thursday night.