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Toronto FC training in Orlando halted by massive alligator interloper

Toronto FC players received a shock to the system this week when a massive alligator crashed the club’s training session in Orlando, Fla.

The MLS club later shared video on Twitter of the unsettling alligator encounter at ChampionsGate Resort just outside Orlando.

Players unsurprisingly were wowed by the up-close look at the intimidating, prehistoric-looking creature, and some of them even initially approached the alligator. That wasn’t the case with Toronto coach Chris Armas, though.

“All I can tell you is this, there was a massive alligator,” Armas told The Canadian Press this week, via CTV News. “My players are running towards the gator as I went the other way.

“Listen, we talk about (being) fearless and aggressive around here, but I thought we wouldn’t think about that at that moment.”

The reptilian interloper was ultimately chased away by a ChampionsGate staffer wisely using a golf cart.

Much like the NBA’s Toronto Raptors, the MLS club was forced to relocate operations to Florida due to Canada’s restrictive international travel protocols amid the ongoing pandemic.

“This is the first time I’ve seen an alligator in real life,” defender Chris Mavinga said. “But it’s good to be in Florida, you know? You see this. You never see this in Toronto.”

Indeed. Welcome to Florida, Toronto FC.