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Therapy bunny becomes center of attention during Giants game at Oracle Park

Alex the therapy bunny became a huge hit while attending the San Francisco Giants’ game against the Miami Marlins on Thursday at Oracle Park.

Escorted by owners Kei Kato and Josh Row, Alex, 4 1/2-month-old golden-furred rabbit, drew plenty of attention while taking in the opening game of the Giants-Marlins series.

It’s believed to be the first time in Oracle Park’s 22-year history that a rabbit attended a game, which hardly comes as a shock.

“Never. Crazy. … If we win tonight, she has to come back tomorrow,” Giants spokesperson Staci Slaughter said via text message to the AP, per ESPN.

Official scorer David Feldman, as well as Giants CEO Larry Baer, also got in on the bunny-brightening-the-ballpark atmosphere.

“Tonight’s attendance, 4,580, not including the rabbit,” Feldman announced in the seventh inning.

“Love this Therapy Bunny,” Baer said. “We could all use a therapy bunny right about now!”

Kato became the loving and appreciative owner of Alex after experiencing the stress and personal and professional devastation of losing her restaurant called “K-OZ” as a result of the pandemic. Alex unsurprisingly is a huge hit wherever he goes, and the plan is for the bunny to attend Friday’s Golden State Warriors game at Chase Center.

“The bunny is welcome! If he’s fast, we’ll put him in the game to run the fast break!!” Warriors spokesman Raymond Ridder said.

“We actually bring him everywhere,” Kato added. “He brings joy to everybody. He brings joy to us.”

Presumably ensuring that Thursday’s game won’t be the last time Alex attends a Giants game is how the home squad secured a 3-0 shutout victory over the Marlins in his presence. The Giants even gave Alex a deserved shout-out after the win.

Perhaps next time.