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Rams zing Kliff Kingsbury over comments about luxurious draft setup

Kliff Kingsbury and the Los Angeles Rams have engaged in some witty repartee this week over the NFL team’s plans for the 2021 NFL Draft. However, it appears the Rams may have delivered the best zinger in the exchange, at least for now.

The Rams announced earlier in the week plans to conduct its draft business in style. The team will utilize a palatial  9,000-square-foot Malibu mansion, featuring an infinity pool and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, as its “Draft House.”

The Arizona Cardinals head coach definitely took notice. Commenting on the Rams’ luxurious draft-day HQ, Kingsbury quipped that the primary motivation for such a fancy setup was it will allow Rams head coach Sean McVay to engage in antics previously documented during the team’s appearance on “Hard Knocks.”

“I really think it’s just a ploy by McVay to allow himself the opportunity to take his shirt off again and jump in the pool like he did on ‘Hard Knocks,’ sip some Rose’, take a dip in the ocean and make some picks,” Kingsbury said.

Kingsbury and McVay are pals despite their respective teams being division rivals, so the former’s talk targeting the latter is simply some good-natured ribbing more than anything else.

That did not stop the Rams from hitting back at Kingsbury, though. Taking to Twitter to react to the Cardinals head coach’s wisecrack, the Rams delivered a devastating zinger at his expense. Sharing a shirtless photo of Kingsbury, the Rams tweeted, “If you want an invite just say that” with a winking emoji.

Adding another layer of hilarity to the amusing interactions between Kingsbury and the Rams is how he enjoyed the Cardinals’ 2020 NFL Draft activities in similarly styled lap of luxury at his home.

Let’s hope the back and forth between Kingsbury and the Rams — with perhaps some commentary from McVay as well — continues leading up to the 2021 NFL Draft, which kicks off Thursday, April 29.