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Notorious ballhawk Zack Hample takes a spill while chasing down home run ball

Zack Hample, a self-described “professional ballhawk” who has cultivated a polarizing reputation over the years due to his antics at MLB games, gracelessly took a nasty spill while chasing down a home run ball.

The comical incident occurred Monday when Hample attempted to track down a ball following a two-run homer by San Francisco Giants first baseman Brandon Belt during a game against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park.

Hample’s humiliating pratfall occurred when he attempted to leap over a row of seats as he closed in on the ball.

Footage of Hample eating it spread like wildfire on social media, and most of the reactions involved the ballhawk getting mocked and ridiculed over his wipeout. Hample did later confirm that he was indeed the individual in the video. He also acknowledged there were no shortage of “haters” on social media cracking wise over his embarrassing spill.

Baseball fans may remember how Hample notoriously wrangled the home run ball Alex Rodriguez deposited into the Yankee Stadium seats for his 3,000th hit back in 2015. No shortage of controversy ensued in the aftermath, including Hample’s claim that he was assaulted in Yankee Stadium. He later revealed that he was subjected to threats on social media after securing A-Rod’s milestone-securing baseball.