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Draymond Green ‘treated’ Stephen Curry to expensive dinner on Warriors owner’s dime

Stephen Curry became the Golden State Warriors’ all-time leading scorer, surpassing the iconic Wilt Chamberlain, by dropping 53 points Monday night in a win over the Denver Nuggets. To commemorate the remarkable career achievement, Draymond Green opted to “treat” Curry to a fancy dinner … on Warriors owner Joe Lacob’s dime.

The best part of the story? Lacob was all for it.

The two longtime teammates dined Tuesday night in Oklahoma City, as the Warriors were in town for a Wednesday matchup with the Thunder.

As noted in Slater’s tweet, the pricey meal enjoyed by Green and Curry included a bottle of 2015 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti La Tâche, which can start at around $5,000 a bottle. Both Warriors superstars of course could easily afford a bottle or two of the French wine, but it’s a lot easier to swallow when someone else is footing the bill.

“Joe is incredible by the way,” said Green, who posted photos from his dinner with Curry on social media, via Nick Friedell of ESPN. “That was a very expensive bottle of wine, but Joe let us get that one on the team bill, so we appreciate Joe for that. Not every day that somebody’s approving a bottle of La Tâche. So shoutout to Joe, man. We definitely appreciated that, but it was obviously for a great reason. I think I saw something where Reggie Miller said [Curry is] ‘Mr. Warrior.’ [There] is no better description than that.”

Green went on to effusively praise Curry in subsequent comments.

“I remember those days,” Green said of when he and Curry first became teammates all those years ago. “Where he’s come [from], where he is today, and all that he’s gone through to get there. And to just share that moment with him and let him know, ‘Nah, bro, you are appreciated. You are celebrated. As long as I’m around you’re going to be celebrated.’ I can’t speak for other people, but I know as long as I’m around, it will be celebrated. And everybody around him that’s going to be around when I’m around gonna celebrate him, too, because he’s earned that. That was a great moment to just to share that bottle of wine.”

Interestingly enough, the close relationship cultivated over the years between Green and Curry initially blossomed over vino. In 2018, Green shared how he and Curry bonded while “crushing a whole bottle of wine” during the second round of the 2015 NBA Playoffs and that’s how the Warriors dynasty began.

The $5,000 bottle of wine Green and Curry shared following the latter’s latest career milestone provides an interesting bookend to the duo’s partnership. That being said, neither player is showing much sign of slowing down. That is much more the case with Curry, though, who is on a torrid streak of late and perhaps playing his best basketball since winning back-to-back MVPs in 2015 and 2016.