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Alex Rodriguez’s ESPN bosses miffed over getting scooped on T-Wolves news

News broke over the weekend that A-Rod, along with Walmart’s former e-commerce CEO Marc Lore, have agreed in principle to purchase the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves from longtime owner Glen Taylor for $1.5 billion. Interestingly enough, it wasn’t ESPN, A-Rod’s employer, that first reported the scoop.

Making things slightly awkward for the polarizing “Sunday Night Baseball” analyst on the work front is how his bosses aren’t very happy over the T-Wolves’ news situation.

A Page Six report lays out how bigwigs at ESPN are upset that Jon Krawczynski of The Athletic broke the news on A-Rod’s imminent ownership stake in the Timberwolves as opposed to star scooper Adrian Wojnarowski or another one of the network’s considerable crew of NBA insiders.

And apparently A-Rod got an earful about it when he showed up for work — so his team swiftly went to work to try and appease the network.

In a text seen by Page Six, one of the former slugger’s top lieutenants wrote to fellow execs on Monday, “Hi guys — we should save something for ESPN [instead of giving it to the] Athletic. ESPN mentioned to AR at [“Sunday Night Baseball”] they wish Woj had the story — obviously not our call but next round it should be.”

While A-Rod’s bosses at ESPN may be upset about getting passed over on the Timberwolves scoop, the looming purchase of the NBA team signifies how the former slugger’s professional and business interests continue to prosper.

On the personal side, though, things are not going as swimmingly. In an exclusive statement to NBC’s “TODAY,” Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez confirmed Thursday that the power couple are ending their engagement, stating the two are “better as friends.”

If there’s a silver lining to Thursday’s news, though, perhaps A-Rod and JLo moving on from their long-term relationship will give the former MLB star plenty of time to familiarize himself with the T-Wolves organization, not to mention explain to one of the team’s superstars that he’s actually a famous, successful former ballplayer.