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Tom Brady awkwardly sampling ‘Star Wars’ milk highlights Disney World visit

Tom Brady paid a visit to the “The Most Magical Place on Earth” with family and friends this past week as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback continues basking in the afterglow of his seventh Super Bowl title.

Perhaps the most awkward documentation of Brady’s time at the “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” attraction at Hollywood Studios comes in a dispatch from Walt Disney World’s official social media channels.

Brady is shown in the Instagram post sampling frozen “Star Wars”-themed milk, which comes in blue and green. It truly is quite the cringeworthy scene.

Brady’s clear uncomfortableness with sampling the sugar-spiked milk presumably stems from how doing so severely violates the notoriously rigid dietary regimen the superstar quarterback has cultivated over the years.

That being said, his strict adherence to his diet did not stop him from imbibing a bit too much on adult beverages during the Bucs’ celebratory boat parade following the Super Bowl.

The entire trip to Orlando, Fla., wasn’t without it’s enjoyable moments for Brady and his brood, however, as evidenced by his interaction with “Kylo Ren.”

Then, Brady joked on Twitter why he continues to suit up in the NFL despite having little left to accomplish or prove.

It’s been quite the whirlwind few months for Brady since he led the Bucs to a victory over the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV. Before long, though, Brady will get serious about preparing for the 2021 season, meaning a return to his patently grueling offseason regimen, which of course includes getting back on his diet.

In other words, no more “Star Wars” milk … though given his grimaces while sampling the product, Brady probably doesn’t mind.