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Mets bringing ‘swagger’ back with throwback black alternate jerseys

The New York Mets organization is looking to the past to generate some hype about its new and promising future ahead of Opening Day.

Mets owner Steve Cohen revealed this week that the Mets will roll out black alternate jerseys for “a few games” this upcoming season.

“It is the most critical question that needed to be answered — more important than anything else we could even imagine,” Cohen said, laughing, on a YouTube Q&A with fans, via In response to a follow-up question, Cohen called the black jerseys “another example of celebrating Mets history.”

On Monday, the Mets organization confirmed via Twitter that the black jerseys will be in play in 2021. The announcement came following a whimsical tweet from the Mets that teased the news with a image of Mike Piazza rocking the iconic look.

There has long been a groundswell of support for the Mets to bring back the black alternates, including by some of the team’s current crop of stars.

“The reason why I love the black uniforms so much [is] when I think of the New York Mets, I think of Pedro [Martínez],” Pete Alonso said last year. “I think of Mike Piazza. I think of Edgardo Alfonzo. I think of Cliff Floyd. David Wright wore the blacks. Carlos Beltrán wore the blacks. I think of so many just electric players that wore the black.”

Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman also took to Twitter this week to celebrate the exciting news.

The black alternates were in the Mets’ jersey rotation from 1998-2012, a run that included the team’s appearance in the 2000 World Series. Suffice to say, Alonso is pumped over their return.

“I’m just picturing in my mind everybody in the stadium with a blackout jersey,” Alonso said last month. “I think it would be so intimidating, just a sea of black shirts out there in the outfield with music banging out of the speakers, lights going. It would bring a lot of swagger and a lot of moxie.”