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Tom Brady shares phone number on Twitter for fans to contact him

Tom Brady apparently wants to be inundated by an avalanche of text messages and such from his legions of fans — and likely haters as well — as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback stunningly shared a personal phone number in a video shared this week on social media.

In a tweet posted to official and wildly popular account on Twitter, Brady provided digits to a seemingly real number that fans can use to send him messages. One caveat is spelled out straightaway by Brady in the tweet copy, though: “… no texting on Gamedays.”

“So this is a real first for me,” Brady said in the video. “But I’ve been talked into giving out my cellphone on the internet!”

The seven-time Super Bowl champion — who recently signed a two-year extension with the Bucs — added in the video that he’d prefer it if texts varying on the “You suck Brady” theme did not flood his messages inbox. Brady — a known social media raconteur who has arguably one of the best social media presences in all of sports — also comically took a shot at New York Jets fans in his message.

“Rule No. 1 before we get into any of this, no texting on game days,” Brady said. “Really though, what this is, it’s a tool that will allow me to communicate more directly with my fans and my followers, where we can actually do a better job of responding to you and your questions and all the great messages.

“Sometimes it gets hard to sort through the ‘You suck Brady!’ in the comments. I know there’s quite a few over the years, it’s usually from the Jets fans. But to be clear, if you do text me, ‘You Suck,’ yes I’ll see it. I may or may not respond. So shoot me a message, I promise I’m going to get back to as many of you guys as possible when I have the time.”

Interestingly enough, the 415 area code of the number Brady provided comes from the Bay Area on the West Coast — where the three-time NFL MVP of course grew up — not the Tampa Bay area. Still, the number has all the appearances of being completely legit.

Of course, it’s not like this is the actual phone number that Brady’s friends, family, loved ones, etc. use to contact him. It’s obviously a number specifically obtained for this sole purpose.

A text message sent to Brady’s phone number by the New York Post elicited the following response.

“What’s up! Yes, this is actually Tom Brady,” the message read. “This message is automated but everything else will come directly from me, on my phone. Click the link and add yourself so you’re in my contacts.”

All that being said, anyone who does shoot Brady a text should not expect a prompt reply or response of any kind, even though he said in the video he’ll make every effort to be active and respond to messages.

Still, the move is pretty cool and a wholly original way for a superstar athlete — or their social media outreach team — to engage with fans.