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Greg Olsen claims he could turn LeBron James, Russell Westbrook into NFL stars

LeBron James has clearly articulated his belief on several occasions over the years that he could have been an accomplished professional football player in if he had opted to pursue a career in the NFL instead of the NBA.

Former NFL star Greg Olsen not only agrees with James but also believes it could still happen if given the opportunity to coach up the Los Angeles Lakers forward over the course of one year.

Even more compelling, the three-time Pro Bowl tight end and two-time Second Team All-Pro doubled down on his ability to transform a professional basketball player into a legitimate NFL player by claiming he could turn another NBA star into one as well.

“If I could coach LeBron James for one year, I could make him an All-Pro wide receiver,” Olsen said recently on “The Colin Cowherd Podcast,” per TMZ Sports. “There’s no question in my mind.”

Then things got even more interesting, as Olsen touted his apparent belief that he could turn one-time NBA MVP Russell Westbrook into an elite-level NFL defensive back.

“I could turn Russell Westbrook into an All-Pro free safety,” Olsen said of the Washington Wizards star.

Olsen went on to clarify that turning James and Westbrook into NFL-caliber players would have little to do with his coaching acumen.

“There’s a handful of those guys that could make the transition just because they are so unique,” Olsen said. “But there’s few and far between those guys.”

Setting aside Westbrook, who has never shown any interest in the NFL — nor any known gridiron bona fides (though he did play football as a kid) — James, who shared an interesting nugget last month about previously considering an NFL career years ago — of course provides an interesting case.

There’s no question that the rare combination of size, speed and strength that James boasts would make him an intriguing football prospect, and many believe he would have been dangerous at the tight end position had he not stopped playing football after his junior year in high school.

That said, one current NFL star expressed his skepticism last year about James’ ability to excel at the NFL level.

All that being said, there is of course no way James is going to pursue an NFL career at this stage of his NBA career, not to mention at age 36. Not only is James thriving in his 18th NBA season during the 2020-21 campaign, he continues to dominate a league that has long been known as a young man’s game by somehow defying Father Time and putting up MVP-caliber seasons.

And there’s no indication King James is looking to end his dominant reign anytime soon.