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Tom Brady opens up about appearing inebriated at Bucs’ Super Bowl celebration

Tom Brady delivered one of the most unforgettable sights in championship parade history last month when the seven-time Super Bowl winner had to be propped up by a teammate while disembarking off a boat during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ celebration on Hillsborough River.

It turns out Brady, who thoroughly enjoyed basking in the afterglow of yet another title that day, was navigating a combination of sea legs and the effects of some adult beverage-based frivolity during a comically wobbly walk that set social media ablaze.

First, Brady himself, a noted social media provocateur of considerable renown, tipped his hand when his official Twitter noted how he imbibed upon some avocado tequila before his infamous, stumbling stroll while being supported by quarterback Ryan Griffin.

Appearing Tuesday night on “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” Brady dished on what exactly was going on during his now-infamous, unstable amble that many attributed to him being a bit loosey-goosey and possibly even quite inebriated.

“A little of both,” he told Corden, via ESPN. “It was definitely a moment of celebration. I’m happy I’m on land at that point. Absolutely.

“I’m happy I’m being surrounded by my fellow quarterback Griff [Ryan Griffin] at the right place at the right time. Who could have a friend better than that? Making sure I was just so comfortable walking off the boat like that.”

It makes sense that a few shots would leave Brady feeling a bit loopy and unsure on his feet. After all, the 43-year-old’s famously rigid dietary habits makes him a full-fledged teetotaler with little wiggle room.

Add in being on a boat in choppy waters for a few hours and Brady’s comically uneven footing adds up.

Brady’s entire interview with Corden follows.