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Patrick Mahomes reacts to J.J. Watt’s ‘form police’ disclaimer to workout video

J.J. Watt shared a workout video Friday morning on Twitter, and the free-agent NFL superstar is clearly aware that the footage will elicit criticism from social media naysayers and wisenheimers.

In a preemptive pushback to the anticipated reactions to his admittedly less-than-perfect lifting technique, Watt posted a disclaimer in a bid to silence any potential “form police” eager to call him out.

What made Watt’s snarky tweet even more amusing is how it inspired a hilarious back-and-forth with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who replied that “‘the Form Police’ are no joke.”

Watt replied to Mahomes’ tweet by breaking out a “Napoleon Dynamite” reference about how “Uncle Rico” types probably question Mahomes’ passing form on Twitter.

Mahomes, like Watt, occasionally shares evidence of his offseason training regimen, and it appears he’s all too aware of the troglodytic trolls lurking on social media who just wait to pounce on such trivial things as exercise technique.

What’s more, it would be interesting to learn how critics who actually take time to call out superstar athletes for their workout form woefully measure up to their Twitter targets.

Finally, with fans of many teams overanalyzing every Watt tweet in an attempt to glean where the three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year may land in free agency: no, this does not mean the five-time First-Team All-Pro is set to sign with Mahomes’ Chiefs squad.