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‘Inside the NBA’ gang roast Charles Barkley over his 15 nicknames

Charles Barkley somehow has 15 nicknames attributed to him on his Basketball Reference page, and his fellow “Inside the NBA” panelists gleefully mocked and ridiculed the Hall of Famer over the robust list of monikers.

Of course, Sir Charles, The Chuckster and The Round Mound of Rebound come to mind when it comes to Barkley’s nicknames. Who knew, though, that The Chuck Wagon, The Prince of Pizza, The Incredible Bulk, The Leaning Tower of Pizza, Bread Truck, Boy Gorge, Love Boat, Food World, The Crisco Kid, Wide Load from Leeds, Ton of Fun, Goodtime Blimp are also apparently known Barkley monikers?

Suffice to say, the NBA on TNT crew — Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith — had a field day clowning Barkley over the Basketball Reference rundown as the gang “celebrated” their fellow analyst’s upcoming 58th birthday on Saturday.

Hilarious graphics were of course utilized as brilliant visual aids to deliver added comedic punch.

Between Barkley’s frequently outrageous hot takes on the show, his entertaining and long-running feud with Shaq and EJ somehow keeping things from completely coming off the rails — even during a train-wreck game of “Jeopardy!”“Inside the NBA” is far and above the greatest sports studio show ever. There is no debating this indisputable fact. 

How NBA on TNT has become a cultural institution over its lengthy run is a testament to that notion. The show’s ability to blend informed analysis and whimsical shenanigans — while giving each member their own time to shine — is what makes “Inside the NBA” such a beloved component of the league’s media coverage.

Even Charles “Goodtime Blimp” Barkley can’t come up with a hot take to dispute it.