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Tom Brady hype video criticized by NFL insider

Tom Brady shared a compelling video this week that took his doubters to task over the notion that he was washed up ahead of his Super Bowl-winning 2020 season.

While Brady’s defiant video to all his so-called doubters was generally well received in NFL circles, one league insider curiously took issue with its conveyed message.

On Wednesday, Brady, still basking in the afterglow of another championship, took to social media to share a slickly produced video which features highlights of his ultimately outstanding first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The footage was interspersed with headlines, voiceovers and tweets from naysayers.

“I love talk radio…” Brady captioned the tweet.

While many inferred that the video provided ample evidence of how Brady uses such doubts from media members, fans and the like as motivation, Mike Florio had an entirely different, contrarian opinion. In fact, the Pro Football Talk founder and sports media personality sarcastically hammered the seven-time Super Bowl winner for sharing it.

“Now do one with all the over-the-top media praise for the QB after a Super Bowl that was won by the defense,” Florio wrote in a tweet posted by PFT’s official feed.

The crux of Florio’s case appears to be that with the Bucs absolutely terrorizing Patrick Mahomes and neutering the Kansas City Chiefs’ vaunted offense in a 31-9 rout in Super Bowl LV, Brady did not need to do anything spectacular to lead the Buccaneers to victory. It’s arguably a fair point to suggest, but tweeting it was nevertheless an odd thing for a respected media member to do.

Not content with leaving things alone with his arguably dubious argument, Florio doubled down in a Pro Football Talk dispatch posted Thursday titled, “Tom Brady trolls media with compilation of 2020 criticisms.”

In a tweet that promotes the article, the gist of the hit piece is shared as follows: “Even with seven Super Bowl wins, a supermodel wife, and hundreds of millions in assets, Tom Brady shows that he’s just as petty as the rest of us.”

The article’s opening? “Tom Brady is better than this.”

“Maybe he needs to embellish and/or fabricate ‘haters’ in order to continue to work as hard as he does, to deny himself hamburgers and fries and ice cream made with the usual ingredients and beer and bourbon and tequila and schnapps,” Florio writes of Brady, adding that the Bucs quarterback “still needs actual or perceived slights from those whose opinions don’t matter to light his fire.”

Florio possibly fired off the screed in response to critics who felt his original tweet castigating Brady for posting the video was a bit much. If so, the case can be made that as he asserts about Brady, Florio might also need “actual or perceived slights from those whose opinions don’t matter to light his fire.”