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Cal Ripken Jr.’s floating head appears at wife’s judicial confirmation hearing

Baltimore Orioles legend Cal Ripken Jr. wanted to show support for his wife during her virtual judicial confirmation hearing, and what better way to do it than having his disembodied head floating around in the background?

Earlier this week, Judge Laura Ripken, who the Hall of Famer married in 2018, was appearing virtually at a senate confirmation hearing required for her potential appointment to the Maryland’s Court of Special Appeals.

“Joining me here today in our home office is my husband, Cal, who has been my biggest fan, the most wonderful husband imaginable and the best person I know,” Ripken said. “And with that, I welcome any questions that you might have related to my appointment.”

Now that’s one crazy cameo, to say the least.

Given Ripken’s fame and status as one of Baltimore’s most iconic and beloved sports figures, it’s certain that the Maryland Senate members knew full well whose disembodied head was floating around the Court of Special Appeals justice nominee.

That does not mean that some chicanery ensued due to the surreal appearance by Ripken.

“Who is your husband again? Just kidding,” said state Sen. Ronald Young, according to the Baltimore Sun.