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Bill Russell delivers brilliant retort to Tom Brady-Michael Jordan GOAT tweet

Tom Brady and Michael Jordan are without question two of the most decorated athletes in professional sports history, as both icons have the championship rings, among other honors, to prove it.

The two superstars are of course widely hailed as the GOATs in their respective leagues (although not without some semblance of controversy and fierce debate).

Discussions surrounding whether Brady and Jordan ought to be exalted as the greatest athlete of all time in any team sport have understandably arisen over the years as well.

NBA legend Bill Russell has one thought on the notion that Brady or Jordan are indeed the greatest athlete of all time: Slow that roll.

A tweet recently surfaced in which it’s suggested that only Jordan and Brady could sit at the GOAT table. It features images of the two stars wearing their championship rings.

Russell’s response? The below savage retort.

Russell was an 11-time NBA champion with the Boston Celtics. The Hall of Famer was also a five-time NBA MVP and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, among innumerable other awards, accolades and honors.

Jordan of course won six NBA titles during his own Hall of Fame career with the Chicago Bulls. Jordan’s legendary career also received renewed interest last year thanks to “The Last Dance,” the smash 10-part ESPN docu-series that became a cultural phenomenon.

Brady, meanwhile, won his seventh Super Bowl last Sunday, leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to its first championship since 2003 in his first season with the organization thanks to a convincing victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. The celebration parade that followed in Tampa this week proved to be one epic event as well.

Still, it’s Russell — who continues to be a respected presence and influential figure in the world of sports at 87 years old — is arguably the only athlete who can lay claim to the GOAT throne when it comes to team sports. Eleven rings have earned him that right.