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Rob Gronkowski loves Bucs Twitter using unflattering Tom Brady meme

Tom Brady made a a mental error late in the the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ loss to the Chicago Bears in October, and the gaffe resulted in the superstar quarterback getting mocked and ridiculed on social media.

Things obviously trended upward for the Bucs following that brutal early-season loss in Week 5, and the official Twitter account of the reigning Super Bowl champions on Tuesday made light of the unflattering Brady meme by using an image from the game to deliver a zinger of their own. And Rob Gronkowski loved it.

In the waning moments of what ended as a 20-19 loss to the Bears, Brady, facing fourth down, appeared to lose track of downs on the Bucs’ final possession. The loss also resulted in criticism of how Brady conducted himself after the game.

Footage of Brady holding up four fingers to the Bucs’ sideline — in reference to his belief it was about to be fourth down instead of a change of possession — made the rounds on social media after the loss.

The Buccaneers on Tuesday expertly made light of Brady’s temporary brain freeze. Utilizing the image of Brady holding up four fingers, Bucs Twitter wrote, “How many playoff games did you win this year, Tom Brady?”

In reaction, Gronk tweeted, “Social Bucs are the best!!!” with a series of emojis.

Brady and the Bucs defeated the Washington Football Team in the wild-card round by a score of 31-23, took out the New Orleans Saints 30-20 in the divisional round and defeated the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game with a 31-26 victory before dispatching the Kansas City Chiefs with relative ease in Super Bowl LV in a resounding 31-9 win.

Those four wins — which the Bucs’ tweet brilliantly notes — delivered Brady his seventh title, his fifth Super Bowl MVP nod and the Bucs’ first championship since a Super Bowl XXXVII win following the 2002 NFL season.