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LeBron James makes history with Monday’s triple-double in OT win

LeBron James continues to defy Father Time at age 36 and in his 18h NBA season. On Monday night, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar made history by notching a triple-double in a 119-112 overtime victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder.

James posted 28 points, 14 rebounds and 12 assists in the win, and by doing so vaulted himself to the top of lists that documents not only his longevity but also how the superstar continues to thrive despite a lengthy career featuring consistently deep postseason runs.

James unsurprisingly looked pretty gassed while leading the Lakers to its second consecutive overtime win. A clearly exhausted James took a breather on the video board as the Lakers were wrapping up the team’s OT victory.

James recently explained the secret behind his remarkable success and stunning longevity, and the superstar indicated it’s all about not setting limitations on himself. Suffice to say, whatever formula James has cooked up in his laboratory — including his patently rigorous offseason regimen — it’s paying off.

What makes James’ performance this season perhaps most impressive, though, is how it’s coming off an incredibly rushed and compacted offseason.

The Lakers concluded the 2019-20 season by securing the title with a Game 6 win over the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals on Oct. 11 in the Orlando, Fla., bubble. That means the team had only 71 days of offseason recovery/preparation time before ramping things up for another arduous season.

James was no fan of the situation, understandably, and he pushed back just last week when asked whether he’s feeling worn down given the circumstances.

“I don’t get tired,” James said.

As noted, the Lakers’ win Monday was its second straight game that required overtime. L.A. beat the Detroit Pistons Saturday night in a 135-129 victory that required an extra session.

So, if James was a little worn out Monday night — even if he would refuse to admit it — any fatigue would be more than understandable.