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Flyers mascot Gritty models for sultry portrait at Wells Fargo Center

Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty is a creature of many talents — many of which are somehow slightly off-putting and utterly fascinating at the same time — but who knew being a sultry portrait model was one of them?

Gritty continues to delight and terrify to varying degrees each and every time the mascot surfaces on social media. In its most recent series of dispatches, Gritty shared images and footage with his 373,000 Twitter followers of a recent modeling session inside the empty, cavernous Wells Fargo Center.

It’s really … something.

Oof. That’s some high octane nightmare fuel.

The reasonable assumption is that the Flyers will likely auction off Gritty’s portrait for charity, although one has to wonder what kind of person would be interested in such a piece.

Also, for clarity’s sake, when Gritty tweeted, “Paint me like one of your French jawns,” the last word is a slang term popular in Philly. Jawn “is a context-dependent substitute noun, meaning it is a noun that substitutes for any other noun,” so there’s that.

Gritty, the googly-eyed, orange and oddly mesmerizing mascot who made his debut during the 2018-19 NHL season, has rocketed to superstardom — despite initial confusion — due to his disturbingly strange appearance and oddball antics at Flyers games and elsewhere.

The Flyers mascot’s recent modeling endeavor will only raise his profile — and viewer’s eyebrows — that much more.