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Tom Brady’s Tampa-area neighborhood overrun with supportive signs

Tom Brady’s neighbors are rallying around the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback ahead of a Super Bowl LV showdown with the Kansas City Chiefs in a showy manner.

TMZ Sports reports that Brady’s neighborhood — where the Davis Islands mansion he and his family have been renting from Derek Jeter the entire 2020 NFL season is located — has been overrun with yard signs.

“My Neighbor is The G.O.A.T.,” one read with a picture of a goat in a hat on it. “LFG Bucs,” another one read.

Some other cool ones? “Honk for Gronk” and “Brady Gronkowski 2020.”

The Buccaneers will be the first team ever to play in a Super Bowl in their home stadium. COVID-19 protocols have of course already radically altered typical Super Bowl Week routines, including how the Bucs will not be staying together as a team in a hotel.

In the wake of the big switch, Brady is allowed to go it solo and live the bachelor life ahead of Super Bowl LV, in a manner of speaking. Not without Gisele Bundchen’s help, however, as Brady’s wife and their children have given him some space in Jeter’s palatial pad to prepare in relative solitude by vacating the premises for the week.

With Brady commuting into work every morning, it’s certain he has seen the outpouring of support from his neighbors. Odds are the six-time champion set to play in his 10th Super Bowl has been left flattered.

Suffice to say, after being welcomed to Tampa with open arms — save for one infamous incident — Brady continues to prove how fortunate the Buccaneers were to land the three-time NFL MVP given how the team is one win away from its first Super Bowl title since 2003.