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Aaron Rodgers: ‘Pat McAfee Show’ appearances ‘allowed me to silence’ the haters

Aaron Rodgers has made recurring appearances on “The Pat McAfee Show” all season, and on many occasions the Green Bay Packers quarterback generated headlines with his frequently provocative commentary.

According to Rodgers, the unfiltered forum allows him to present a more authentic version of himself than what’s available during his more traditional media interactions.

“With all due respect to all my weekly media responsibilities, this has been the best media stuff I get to do every week and I just really look forward to the conversations,” Rodgers said Tuesday on the show, per the New York Post. “It’s really meant a lot to me. … I think it’s been fun for people to see sides of my personality.”

Rodgers raised some eyebrows following the Packers’ loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL Championship Game when he made cryptic comments concerning his purported uncertain future with the organization.

Rodgers used his appearance on McAfee’s wildly popular show Tuesday to clarify his remarks.

Rodgers, as is often the case during his appearances, weighed in on myriad off-topic subjects. He also spoke extensively about why he so values the opportunities.

“What it’s allowed me to do is silence all the douchebags out there who are talking for me and either making themselves more relevant by using my name or running with stories that were not really based on any type of fact,” Rodgers said. “And look, I’ve grown as a person and I’ve said things and done things I wish I’d handled a little better, but this was a great natural, authentic — whatever.”

Rodgers went on to say his weekly appearances have “been fun” and it was liberating for him because viewers were “not going to hear a lot of cliches and garbage” from him when he joined the show.

“Maybe people get to see a different side of me that maybe they didn’t even know was there or didn’t think was there. It’s been fun for me, it really has,” Rodgers said. “I’ve appreciated it every single week we’ve done these and, like I said, the best part is there was no agenda.”

Rodgers’ future is seemingly as up in the air as it has ever been heading into the offseason. Even with all the rumor-mongering and rampant speculation in recent days and presumably going forward, a Packers-Rodgers split would be an absolute stunner.

Regardless of how that particularly pressing issue plays out, it also remains to be seen whether Rodgers will return to “The Pat McAfee Show” next season. Given the candid commentary offered by the superstar on the show, let’s hope he does.