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Cubs’ Kris Bryant blasts ESPN ‘clickbait’ story about him losing love for game

Chicago Cubs star Kris Bryant is extremely unhappy with a story published by ESPN this week in which it’s posited that he’s losing love for the game of baseball due to persistent trade rumors, among other things.

The article, penned by Jesse Rogers, features Bryant quotes from a recent appearance on a podcast. “At times, no,” Bryant is quoted as saying in the piece when asked by the host if baseball brings him any joy at this stage. The Cubs slugger added that the constant speculation about his uncertain future with the Cubs “really got to me sometimes.”

The narrative surrounding Bryant’s purported issues raised eyebrows across the MLB world and apparently got back to the superstar third baseman. Bryant took to Twitter to air his grievances over how he believes his quotes were used to construct an unflattering and inaccurate narrative.

In a word, Bryant derogatorily called the article “clickbait” in the tweet.

As laid out above, quotes attributed to Bryant made for the backbone of the Rogers’ article, so it’s somewhat confusing why the Cubs star is taking issue with it. Of course, Bryant makes the argument that the article took his quotes “out of context.” Even giving Bryant the benefit of the doubt leaves something to be desired regarding his specific issues with the article.

That being said, Bryant perhaps feels that his off-the-cuff remarks were blown out of proportion, which makes his reaction somewhat understandable. Not only has been Bryant been the subject of trade rumors from a few seasons back up to as recently as December, the one-time Rookie of the Year and NL MVP slumped horribly at the plate during the abbreviated 2020 season.

Add it all up, and it makes sense that Bryant is one frustrated ballplayer. The addition of one more headache generated by the buzz from the ESPN article was seemingly the last thing Bryant needed.