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Kyrie Irving shares personal message on Instagram following return to Nets

Kyrie Irving’s two-week absence from the Brooklyn Nets for the oft-cited yet mysterious personal reasons has come to an end. After being somewhat evasive while also simultaneously straightforward with the media Tuesday in explaining his sabbatical, Irving shared a somewhat soul-baring and philosophical message on social media.

Despite there still being a lack of a definitive explanation for Irving’s absence, a report surfaced amid the saga that the star was “fine physically” but had been left “upset” by the unrest in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6 that devolved into a mob storming, vandalizing and looting the U.S. Capitol Building.

When asked Tuesday about being way from the team for nearly two weeks, Irving seemed to hint that may indeed have been the case while also making allusions to family issues.

Following his media availability Tuesday, Irving took to Instagram to post a personal message in which he opened up about how he’s no different than anyone else.

Shortly afterward, Irving shared another post on Instagram, though it was somewhat cryptic in that it was simply a photo of him sitting along with the message, “Hêlá.”

The one interesting aspect of the photograph is that Irving is smiling and appears content. That arguably speaks volumes given Irving is without question one of the most mercurial players in the NBA, not to mention one of the league’s most complex, introspective and enigmatic stars.

As things stand, Irving is expected to play Wednesday against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The belief is that he never lost support of his teammates despite the distractions and controversy caused by his absence.

Now with James Harden in the fold and tearing things up alongside Kevin Durant in two straight wins as Irving was away from the team, the point guard will have to figure how to ease himself back into the situation without causing any more major waves.

Perhaps most important? Irving appears committed to doing just that.

“I am back, I am happy to be back, we got some great pieces and we move on and I let my actions and my game speak for itself like I planned on doing,” Irving said, per ESPN’s Malika Andrews. “I just needed a pause.”