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Buffalo sporting goods stores displaying tables in Bills merchandise sections

Buffalo Bills fans are predictably in a state of euphoria thanks to their favorite NFL team being one win away from its first Super Bowl berth since the team lost to the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XXVIII following the 1993 NFL season.

With Western New York sufficiently amped up for Sunday’s AFC Championship Game against the Kansas City Chiefs, sporting goods stores are wisely stocking up on Bills gear. In light of Bills Mafia’s penchant for one outrageous celebratory act, though, retailers in the Buffalo area have one particular item in large supply that would never be seen in other NFL markets.

Tables. That’s right. Tables.

Evidence has surfaced on Twitter indicating tables are being displayed alongside Bills merchandise in at least one Dick’s Sporting Goods.

WKBW reporter Ali Touhey followed up on the above tweet by indicating another Buffalo-area Dick’s has tables similarly displayed on the store floor.

For the uninitiated, Bills Mafia enjoys a longstanding but bizarre ritual. Pregame antics during festive tailgating sessions before Bills home games have long included members of Bills Mafia gleefully breaking tables with nothing else but their bodies and an assist from gravity … sometimes with disastrous results.

The insane antics continued this past weekend after the Bills punched their ticket for the AFC Championship Game with a 17-3 win over the Baltimore Ravens in the divisional round. Footage has surfaced of at least one table-smashing incident, but there were undoubtedly countless other instances in Buffalo.

Bills Mafia is without question one of the most long-suffering, passionate, loyal and surprisingly charitable fan bases in all of sports. And perhaps the craziest (put in the nicest way possible). After all, these are the kind of people who are known to “baptize” their infant children by having them get playfully “smashed” though tiny tables, for crying out loud.