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Frank Caliendo adds Morgan Freeman to Tom Brady-Drew Brees History meme

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady showcased his patented social media whimsy earlier this week ahead of a divisional-round showdown this weekend with Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints.

Now, thanks to input from Rob Gronkowski, Brady’s clever meme has now received the Frank Caliendo treatment.

It all started Monday when Brady took to Twitter to showcase his self-deprecating sense of humor, as he is wont to do, by jokingly reacting to a wisecrack from MLB third baseman Danny Valencia.

In a tweet, Valencia suggested Sunday’s game between the Bucs and Saints should be aired on History given Brady is 43 and Brees is set to turn 42 later this week ahead of the highly anticipated playoff matchup.

Brady reacted by sharing a Photoshopped image that depicts the future Hall of Famers appearing much, much older. In fact, Brady more closely resembles Charlton Heston and Brees looks like a “Family Ties”-era Michael Gross.

Gronkowski then got in the action — and it also merits noting that Brees loved the meme mockery — by cracking that such an endeavor on History would have to be narrated by none other than Morgan Freeman.

Now, celebrity impressionist Frank Caliendo has entered the fray to entertain Gronk’s suggestion. On Tuesday, the one-time NFL on FOX contributor posted audio of himself portraying Freeman and narrating the supposed scene.

The Brady-Brees matchup unsurprisingly will be the oldest quarterback matchup in NFL history with their combined ages of 85, and both quarterbacks deserve credit for having a sense of humor about it.

As far as Caliendo’s contributions are concerned, while he may not be a lot people’s cup of tea, he at least deserves credit for his standout Morgan Freeman impresssion.