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Viral Bills fan explains reason behind crying during playoff win

The Buffalo Bills on Saturday hosted the organization’s first home playoff game since 1996 and posted its first postseason victory since 1995 with a thrilling 27-24 victory over the Indianapolis Colts.

The day unsurprisingly was not only an exciting one for the Bills Mafia, it proved to be an emotional one as well for many of them. In fact, a member of one of the most passionate fan base in sports was spotted overcome with emotion toward the end of the game in his seat at Bills Stadium.

Cameras captured Bills superfan Jay Poch, one of 6,700 lucky individuals who were allowed to attend the game, openly weeping as the game came to a close. Poch’s emotional moment quickly became the subject of a meme on social media, something he even acknowledged himself.

Poch has since shared with The Buffalo News that the emotional moment was inspired by much more than the Bills finally winning a playoff game.

“I’ve been a season ticket holder for 20 years – going to all the games with my dad, my aunts and uncles and my late grandfather. I even visited my grandpa’s grave on Friday to tell him I was going to this one,” Poch said. “So when it was over, I was overcome with emotion. It just hit me.”

Like countless other fan bases, Bills fandom is passed down through generations, so it’s understandable why seeing his favorite team win in person while thinking of his family made it such a powerful moment for Poch.

After he went viral, Poch also shared something he posted Friday morning ahead of the Bills’ momentous victory.

As noted, Bills Mafia, as they are known, are hailed as among the most loyal fan bases in all of professional sports. Over the past few decades, that loyalty was obviously tested, so Poch experiencing such a roller coaster of emotions on Saturday at Bills Stadium is not only understandable, it was a great moment to witness.

What’s more, Poch expects big things out of the Bills, during this postseason and perhaps for years to come.

“I think they’ve got a really good shot at this,” Poch said. “They’ve got a great coach, a great quarterback and a great defensive core. We’ll see how far it all takes them.”