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Drew Brees reacts to Tom Brady tweet mocking their age

Tom Brady issued a hilarious tweet this week in which the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback mocked the advanced ages of both himself and New Orleans Saints signal-caller Drew Brees ahead of their NFC Divisional Round showdown this coming weekend.

Brees evidently caught wind of Brady’s chicanery and later took to Twitter to react.

It all started Monday when Brady took to Twitter to showcase his self-deprecating sense of humor, as he is wont to do, by jokingly reacting to a tweet that suggested Sunday’s game should be aired on the History channel given he’s 43 and Brees is set to turn 42 later this week ahead of the highly anticipated playoff matchup.

Brady’s response involved an image depicting the head-to-head matchup where he and Brees are Photoshopped to look much, much older.

Not much later, Brees shared his reaction to Brady’s wisenheimer ways.

In what should not come as any surprise, the Brady-Brees matchup will be the oldest quarterback matchup in NFL history. At a combined age of 85, Brady and Brees will break the previous record of 78, which was set two years ago when a then-41-year-old Brady and the Patriots faced a then-37-year-old Philip Rivers and the Chargers.

While Brady was busy cracking wise on social media, Brees instead was acknowledging how a showdown between the two future Hall of Famers was all but guaranteed once Brady signed with the Bucs this past offseason.

“I guess it was inevitable,” said Brees, via ESPN. “Listen, the minute that he signed with the Bucs and came in the division, you felt like that was gonna be a team to contend with. That was gonna be a team that had playoff aspirations and beyond, just like us.”

What comes next for both veteran quarterbacks regardless of the outcome of Sunday’s game is starting to come into focus. It was reported Monday that Brady intends to play next season regardless of how things play out for the Buccaneers in the postseason.

When it comes to Brees, meanwhile, things are a little less clear, although a report surfaced this week that the Saints quarterback will hang up his cleats for good however the team’s playoff run ends.