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Kyrie Irving reportedly ‘OK’ after missing Thursday’s game for personal reasons

Kyrie Irving did not play in the Thursday night’s 122-109 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers, with the Brooklyn Nets citing unspecified personal reasons as the unclear explanation.

A Nets spokesperson has since confirmed to ESPN that Irving will not travel with the team to Memphis for Friday’s game against the Grizzlies, further complicating the puzzling scenario.

However, with the NBA world left wondering what was the impetus to Irving’s still-unexplained absence, encouraging word has surfaced as to where things stand as of Friday.

A source has relayed to Matt Vardon of The Athletic that Irving is “OK.” That said, the source reportedly was unable to provide any information concerning when Irving would return to the team.

Irving is believed to have been in contact with several members of the Nets organization during his absence, including his teammates.

However, Nets head coach Steve Nash was unable to provide a full explanation of the situation.

“I sent him a message in the last half-hour and haven’t heard back yet,” Nash said ahead of Thursday’s game, per the AP/ESPN. “But obviously thinking about him and hope that all is well. It’s a private matter.”

After the game, Nash had little to add about the Irving situation.

“I can’t really comment because I haven’t spoken to him and it’s personal reasons,” Nash said.

Irving without question is one of the most mercurial and enigmatic players in the NBA, so there’s always skepticism about what’s inspiring his actions whenever such an incident occurs. In fact, the Nets were compelled to push back on reports of how Irving’s “mood swings” were negatively impacting the team last season.

However, it appears Irving is remaining in contact with the Nets, so the team presumably is encouraged by at least that facet of the still-developing and arguably perplexing situation.