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Miserable Jets mocked in dejected fan’s obituary

Things are going so bad for the woeful New York Jets this season that the team was even subjected to a potshot in the recent obituary of a long-suffering fan.

In an obit for recently passed 85-year-old Jets backer Edward Michael Mazur, the family didn’t wait long to deliver a brutal blow to a team that is 0-13 on the season and could very well go winless in 2020.

“… beloved husband, father, grandfather, uncle and friend, drew his last breath on December 9, 2020 mainly, we suspect, to avoid having to watch another Jets game,” as laid out in Mr. Mazur’s obit that was featured this week in Newsday.

It’s not uncommon in the least for a sports fan’s obituary to feature some pithy comment or mocking reference to the deceased’s dejected feelings about their favorite player or team.

Alternatively, a fan’s obituary has been used at times to convey hatred for a player who has tormented their beloved team for years, as was the case with this dearly departed Buffalo Bills fan earlier this year.

Sadly for Jets fans who haven’t shuffled off this mortal coil like Mazur, there are three games left to endure before the organization’s “Tank for Trevor” odyssey — whether intentional or not — reaches its merciful endgame.

Then again, it’s entirely possible that the aforementioned Trevor Lawrence may avoid the Jets at all costs and remain with the Clemson Tigers for one more season.

Now wouldn’t that be a kick in the teeth for Jets Nation? Not that the fan base — one that that has grown remarkably adept at articulating their unhappiness with the much-maligned organization, it merits noting — hasn’t suffered enough already. Just ask Ed Mazur.