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Charles Barkley: Nets would ‘implode’ with James Harden acquisition

The rapidly devolving situation involving a disgruntled James Harden’s unflinching desire to cut ties with the Houston Rockets is without question the biggest NBA storyline heading into the 2020-21 season.

There has been no shortage of speculation on what may come next for Harden and the Rockets, and new rumors surface every day amid the escalating drama. The prevailing angle at this point surrounds Harden’s purported desire to be traded to the Brooklyn Nets, among a handful of other contender-status teams.

Charles Barkley finally weighed in on all the drama Thursday, and the outspoken NBA on TNT analyst believes a Harden move to Brooklyn would doom the Nets. Appearing on the “Keyshawn, JWill & Zubin Show” on ESPN Radio, Barkley laid out why acquiring Harden would be disastrous for the Nets.

That being said, Barkley would love to see it happen, if only for purely selfish purposes. Put plainly, Barkley cannot envision Harden, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving being on the same team and having it work out.

“I want to see James, KD and Kyrie together with that New York media. That’s just my dream scenario… I want that more than anything in the world,” Barkley said. “Because, you guys know, all three of those guys are — No. 1, I don’t know any of them really well. I think they’re all three good guys, but I think they’ve all three got some issues.

“I cannot wait to see those three play together. I think it would be fascinating because all three of them need the ball and want the ball, and I just don’t think it would work. But I want to see it because I want to see it implode.”

Barkley, known for his hilariously patented hot takes, actually has a point this time. It’s extremely unlikely three mercurial personalities like Harden, KD and Irving could coexist on the court without serious issues erupting. Barkley is also 100% correct that watching the three superstars functioning under the white-hot New York media spotlight would be quite the spectacle.

As things currently stand in the ever-evolving Harden-Rockets situation as of Friday, it appears the former MVP will remain in Houston for the time being. That said, new twists and turns in the saga are reported on a stunningly frequent basis, so anything conceivably could happen from this point forward.