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Barack Obama: Steph Curry as much a ‘freak’ as LeBron James, just different

Barack Obama is a huge NBA fan, and the former president recently broke down how two of the league’s biggest superstars illustrate how being a superhuman-like basketball player can come in completely different ways.

Obama appeared this week on The Bill Simmons Podcast and showcased his abundant basketball knowledge while discussing myriad topics related to the game.

Stephen Curry’s otherworldly shooting talents came up during the discussion, and Obama segued into how the Golden State Warriors superstar possesses awe-inspiring qualities similar to Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, only he exhibits them in a different way.

“These world-class athletes, they’re like X-Men,” Obama said. “Some of them you can tell are like the Hulk. You’re standing next to LeBron, you know he’s a freak. Stand next to Steph, and he’s like one of those guys who has some superpower (where) he takes off his glasses or something. You can’t see right away, but is just as much of a freak.”

Simmons went on to ask Obama whether or not Curry is the greatest shooter in NBA history.

“That’s not even a question, absolutely. I have not seen anybody who can shoot that way, in as many ways, in as unlikely ways, as consistently as Steph Curry,” Obama said. “I know Steph well. Everything he does, it’s precise and neat and tight.”

As Obama mentioned, he and Curry are friendly. In fact, the Warriors sharpshooter interviewed the 44th U.S. president earlier this month.

Obama also goes way back with James. Interestingly enough, Obama was interviewed by the Lakers superstar just ahead of Election Day. What’s more, James partnered with former First Lady Michelle Obama on a voting rights initiative this past fall.

Suffice to say, Obama obviously knows his hoops. So much so, in fact, that he was able to expertly mock and ridicule one of the NBA’s marquee teams when given the opportunity.