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Scott Boras praises new Mets owner Steve Cohen’s ‘big apples’

Scott Boras has been generating headlines this week courtesy of his patented fiery rhetoric. The outspoken and influential superagent has raised eyebrows by challenging Major League Baseball over its claims that the league is making about lost revenues due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Beyond bashing MLB and touting the talents of some of his big-name clients, Boras probably made a lot of New York Mets fans very happy earlier this week with his glowing — and colorful — praise of new owner Steve Cohen.

“It’s nice to have an ownership with big apples,’’ Boras said of Cohen, per the New York Post.

Boras’ high praise — in which he cleverly incorporated New York’s nickname when praising Cohen’s … qualities — stands in stark contrast to how he frequently vilified the Wilpons during the family’s underwhelming tenure as owners of the Mets.

Boras famously castigated the Wilpons for shopping for free agents “in the freezer section” and the “fruit and nuts aisle.” While the clever indictment was obviously self-serving of the Mets, the commentary highlighted Boras’ ability to turn a phrase.

Not to be outdone, though, Mets president Sandy Alderson marked his return to the organization by recently proclaiming the team is presently in the “gourmet aisle” while pursuing free agents like Trevor Bauer, among others.

To say Cohen has taken the MLB world by storm would be an understatement. The billionaire hedge fund manager has enthusiastically promised to do whatever it takes to improve the organization while doing a brilliant job ingratiating himself to the Mets’ passionate but dejected fan base.

What’s more, when someone with the influence and power of Boras has taken notice of new ownership and been left impressed, it says a lot about where the Mets might be headed under Cohen.