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LaVar Ball doubles down on dubious claims about 1-on-1 game with Michael Jordan

LaVar Ball has been saying for years that he could mop the floor with Michael Jordan in a 1-on-1 showdown. While such a claim is patently preposterous in its own right, Ball continues to up the ante on the absurdity by doubling down on the assertion that such a matchup would make big-time pay-per-view money.

The outspoken and oft-outrageous figurehead of the Ball basketball family suggested last month that a 1-on-1 spectacle featuring himself and MJ could generate upwards of $200 million as a PPV event.

Granted, Ball also stated the obvious last month by admitting a 1-on-1 game with Jordan will likely never happen.

However, during an appearance on ESPN’s “The Truth Podcast” this week, the elder Ball not only once again made the ludicrous claim, he boasted that it would be an “easy” win for him.

“$200 million and I win easy,” Ball said. “He’s 57! Have you ever seen anyone 57? Go push him a little bit, then come see the heavy duty big baller! I’m still 280! Mike ain’t 280! He got a little belly and when you smoke cigars… I got enough wind to tear you up if I keep drinking milk and I don’t smoke.”

It’s hardly surprising that Ball keeps going back to the well when it comes to the wholly dubious declaration about his on-court superiority over His Airness. He’s been doing it for years now, and the ridiculous narrative was given new life when LaMelo Ball was drafted by Jordan’s Charlotte Hornets with the No. 3 pick in the 2020 NBA Draft.

People can say what they want about LaVar Ball, but the man is without question a skilled, if not shameless, self-promoter. Ball has made making stunningly comical and borderline asinine statements his own personal sports media cottage industry over the years, and the act continues to pay off.

The Jordan chatter, not to mention refusing to move on from it, is simply another example of how the boisterous Ball continues to capitalize on the notion that there in no such thing as bad publicity.