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Lamar Jackson receives offer from bidet company amid ‘cramping’ saga

The saga surrounding the nature of the “cramps” that caused Lamar Jackson to rush back to the locker room during Monday night’s game against the Cleveland Browns has led to the Baltimore Ravens quarterback being the butt of numerous scatological references and toilet humor wisecracks.

The notion of course that Jackson was suffering from a very specific type of “cramping,” and now the silly speculation has even inspired a bidet company to make the reigning NFL MVP an offer he can — and most certainly will — refuse.

A letter from Tushy company founder Miki Agrawal to Jackson shared by Jenna Laine of ESPN shows how the company has submitted a proposal where a bidet would be installed in the Ravens’ locker room.


Tushy even doubled down on the offer by responding to Jackson’s amusing tweet about the entire situation.


Jackson has repeatedly denied the assertion that he rushed back to the Ravens locker room and missed two series before heroically returning to lead the Ravens to a thrilling 47-42 victory was because of a bathroom emergency.

That said, many on social media have pointed out the gait Jackson employed when making his impromptu rush off the field says all that needs to be said on what inspired the mad dash.


Odds are Jackson’s continued denials will not quell all the toilet humor tomfoolery — not to mention further potential offers from companies like Tushy — much to his presumed disappointment.