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Bruce Arians defends Tom Brady, says QB doesn’t ‘get enough credit’

There clearly have been some ups and downs in the relationship between Bruce Arians and Tom Brady in their first season together. It nevertheless appears the Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach doesn’t want anyone criticizing the veteran quarterback except him.

Arians insisted at the time of Brady’s signing with the Bucs that the six-time Super Bowl champion would not receive preferential treatment. He has been true to his word, as Arians has publicly called out the veteran quarterback on numerous occasions this season over his play and decision-making.

The two have nevertheless continued to develop a rapport amid Arians’ airing of grievances as Brady familiarizes himself with the coach’s system. Interestingly enough, the Buccaneers head coach actually came to Brady’s defense Wednesday amid national criticism of the QB’s play. Arians did so by pointing out how the Bucs’ offense rose to the occasion after stumbling out of the gate in last Sunday’s win over the Minnesota Vikings.


Arians’ saltiness arguably comes across as a bit hypocritical and disingenuous given his outspoken criticism of Brady at times this season. That being said, Arians has praised Brady as well numerous times when he felt praise is merited.

There is no question that Arians is walking a tightrope when it comes to forging a bond with Brady while simultaneously establishing that no player, even one of Brady’s unparalleled résumé, is beyond reproach.

The fact that Arians went to bat for Brady will presumably please the signal-caller, who has attempted to remain above the fray as the NFL world reacted unfavorably to Arians’ antics.

For what it’s worth as well, a report surfaced over the weekend that indicated Brady and Arians “get along great” and have a “deep respect” for one another. Winning a few more games this season and qualifying for the postseason would certainly help things along in that regard as well.