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NHL icon Roberto Luongo ‘can totally relate’ to Lamar Jackson’s ‘cramps’ saga

The speculation surrounding the nature of the “cramps” that led to Lamar Jackson rushing back to the locker room during Monday night’s game against the Cleveland Browns has led to the Baltimore Ravens quarterback being the butt of numerous scatological references and jokes.

One NHL legend knows exactly what Jackson is going through, albeit with one exception.

Jackson departed the sideline during the fourth quarter for two series before heroically returning to lead the Ravens to a thrilling 47-42 victory. The official explanation from the Ravens was “cramps” and that Jackson was administered an IV in the locker room.

Footage of Jackson gingerly trotting to the locker room, however, led many wisenheimers on social media to suspect that a certain type of cramping was causing Jackson’s discomfort.


Jackson vehemently denied after the game that a bathroom emergency was the cause of his issues, but the jokes continued unabated.

NHL goaltending legend and soon-to-be Hall of Famer Roberto Luongo can feel Jackson’s “pain” when it comes to the notion that an unavoidable toilet run may have caused a superstar athlete’s absence in a big-time moment, as he shared on Twitter.

One caveat with Luongo’s tale, however: he’s fessed up.


During a 2007 playoff game while serving as netminder for the Vancouver Canucks, Luongo had “a little bit of a bellyache” ahead of overtime against the Anaheim Ducks, so he made a quick dash to the bathroom.

“I was there doing my business and I hear the play starting in the arena,” Luongo said. “So I panicked there. I don’t remember if I wiped. I just put my gear back on, tried to get out there as soon as I could.”

Luongo ultimately returned to the crease to relieve a rushed-into-action Dany Sabourin, though the Canucks ultimately lost and were eliminated from the postseason with the Game 5 loss.

Regarding Jackson’s impromptu rush to the locker room, the reigning NFL MVP continued his attempts to quiet all the wisecracks by denying the bathroom angle with a tweet Tuesday morning.


Odds are Jackson’s continued denials will not quell all the toilet humor tomfoolery, much to his presumed disappointment. And the truth behind Monday’s speculative saga? It may be never known.