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Aaron Rodgers’ rookie responsibility with Packers? Finding Favre

Much has been made over the years about how Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre had an acrimonious relationship during their time as teammates. In fact, Favre once characterized himself and Rodgers as “strong enemies” at times.

Perhaps the fact that Rodgers’ rookie responsibilities involved keeping tabs on Favre for the coaching staff got things off on the wrong foot.

Rodgers recalled this week how he was frequently tasked during his rookie campaign in 2005 to track down Favre for then-Packers quarterbacks coach (and current Detroit Lions interim head coach) Darrell Bevell.

“A lot of my time was spent walking around, looking for Favrey,” Rodgers recalled Wednesday, per Rob Demovsky of ESPN. “That was one of the my responsibilities as a rookie was trying to figure out where Favrey was at sometimes and head into the back to see where he was he was hanging out and say, ‘Hey, Coach Bevell wants you.'”

It’s been widely chronicled how neither Favre nor Rodgers gave much an effort to foster a positive relationship. The fact that Rodgers was allowed to blossom once Favre ultimately departed for the New York Jets — and later the Minnesota Vikings — helped the two mend fences. That first season for Rodgers, though, left an impression.

“That was quite an interesting year,” Rodgers said of his rookie season. “Obviously, we had a tough year on the field, but I do look back fondly at that first season in the NFL, being able to be in the room with both Darrell and Brett.”

Rodgers obviously had to navigate a difficult transition to the NFL due to having to play protégé to an unwilling mentor in Favre. Time has healed all wounds, of course, and it sounds like Rodgers, while presumably having hated his job as Favre Finder, can now look back at those days with a smile.