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Flyers drag ESPN over omission in graphic rundown of NHL teams

The graphics department at ESPN was appropriately dragged by the Philadelphia Flyers due the organization’s inexplicable omission from a rundown of NHL teams.

A handful of presumable Flyers fans took notice Wednesday that a graphic laying out a proposed division realignment for the coronavirus-compromised upcoming NHL season failed to include the team, as only 30 squads are included in it.


Shortly afterward, the Flyers even took notice of the epic mistake by mocking ESPN’s longtime standing as the self-anointed “The Worldwide Leader In Sports.”


ESPN’s handling of the NHL across its many platforms has long been panned and perpetually derided by hockey purists. The addition of longtime and accomplished NHL wonk Greg Wyshynski as a senior writer a few years back was a move in the right direction, but that unfortunately appears to have only helped on the “print” side of ESPN’s hockey coverage.

On the other hand, graphics gaffes happen all the time in the fast-paced world of television, and perhaps it’s only fair to chalk up the Flyers omission as just that. Odds are that’s not going to be a sufficient enough excuse for irate backers of the iconic NHL franchise, though.