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Anthony Davis’ daughter makes cameo as Lakers star talks new contract

Anthony Davis made his long-term commitment to the Los Angeles Lakers organization clear Thursday by agreeing to a five-year, $190 million maximum contract with the team.

The Lakers star conducted a Zoom session with Chris Geeter McGee of Spectrum SportsNet after the terms of the deal were reported, and the interview was briefly interrupted by an adorable auditory cameo by Davis’ daughter, Nala.

Nala’s timing prompted Geeter to jokingly opine that she should be her daddy’s agent, although odds are Davis is quite content with Rich Paul handling his affairs. That doesn’t mean little Nala hasn’t earned herself a role on her dad’s business team, however, even if it’s solely for the cuteness factor.

Beyond little Nala’s unscheduled appearance, Davis also broke down why he opted for a five-year contract with the Lakers — albeit with an early termination option after the 2023-24 season — as opposed to holding out for shorter-term deal that would have allowed him to enter free agency again sooner.

“I don’t think there was a doubt that I was gonna come back,” Davis said. “It was just trying to figure out all the logistics and what was best for me and my family, and we were able to get a deal done today.” 

Davis’ deal of course came on the heels of LeBron James signing a two-year, $85 million extension with the Lakers. Davis insisted James’ negotiations with the team had little to do with him agreeing on a new pact.

“To be honest, I didn’t know what LeBron had going on,” Davis said. “I didn’t know he was signing a deal. … I found out the day everyone else found out. I know he still loves the game, he’s ready to continue to play basketball with the Laker organization.” 

With Davis and James in the fold for at least the next three seasons, it goes without saying that the Lakers are well-positioned to contend for titles in the near future.