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Bill Belichick sarcastically reacts to question about Patriots’ slow starts

Bill Belichick has long cultivated an adversarial relationship with the media, and some of his terse press conference exchanges with reporters have become the stuff of legend.

Let’s just say the New England Patriots sitting under .500 at 5-6 this late in the season has left the curmudgeonly coach that much more impatient when presented with what he views as utterly inane questions during pressers.

A reporter’s inquiry Wednesday during Belichick’s virtual meeting with the press tested his patience, and it inspired the Patriots boss to issue a response dripping with sarcasm.

Belichick was asked about the Patriots’ notoriously slow starts to games this season in light of how the team was down 10-0 after the first quarter in last Sunday’s 20-17 comeback win over the Arizona Cardinals. Suffice to say, Belichick wasn’t impressed with the query.

“Thanks for pointing that out,” Belichick said, per CBS Boston. “I appreciate it.”

“… We’ve been working on it. We’ve been working on it literally every day,” Belichick continued. “So, we’ll keep working on it and see if we can get get better results here and move ahead.”

The Patriots have been outscored 56-21 in the first quarter this season, and it stands to reason that Belichick is well aware of it, hence his peevish reaction to the reporter bringing it up.

That being said, Belichick added that it will be up to both the players and coaches to turn around how the Patriots are often digging themselves a hole in games this season, calling doing so a “priority” if the team hopes to remain on the outskirts of the playoff chase.

“Honestly, if I had the answer I would have done it 10 weeks ago,” Belichick quipped.

And with that, Belichick put an end to that particular line of questioning.