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LaVar Ball all but rules out 1-on-1 showdown with Michael Jordan

LaVar Ball isn’t saying one way or another whether he could actually make good on his ridiculous boast about beating Michael Jordan 1-on-1 on the court, but the spotlight-seeking leader of the famed basketball family recently admitted such a showdown is unlikely to ever happen.

Now that LaMelo Ball has been drafted by Jordan’s Charlotte Hornets with the No. 3 pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, the elder Ball’s smack talk about his basketball-playing superiority over His Airness a few years ago has again become a rhetorical topic of conversation.

Weighing in on the notion that being in relative proximity with Jordan could increase the likelihood of an on-court showdown, Ball more or less shut it down.

“Realistically, neither one of us is gonna do this,” LaVar told TMZ Sports this week. “We over 50!”

That said, Ball also made some ridiculous claims this week about the 1-on-1 game that won’t ever happen, including a $200 million price tag and a wild location like the Empire State Building.

Back in 2017, the elder Ball, who is of course also the father of New Orleans Pelicans guard Lonzo and G Leaguer LiAngelo, made the obviously dubious declaration that he could wipe the floor with MJ in a theoretical 1-on-1 matchup. Making matters worse, Ball doubled down on his comically absurd suggestion earlier this year.

It merits noting that LaMelo himself cast doubt on such a showdown ever occurring shortly after being selected by the Hornets in the draft.

“I don’t think it’s going to happen,” La Melo said. “And we know how it’d turn out to be honest. But I mean that is my pops and my boss, so I’m on both sides now.”

People can say what they want about LaVar Ball, but the man in unquestionably confident and a skilled, if not shameless, self-promoter. After all, Ball has made making completely outrageous and borderline asinine statements his own personal sports media cottage industry over the years. 

The Jordan chatter is simply another example of the boisterous Ball proving that there in no such thing as bad publicity.