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Sandy Alderson: Mets ‘committed’ to giving Tim Tebow another shot

Tim Tebow’s long-shot aspirations of reaching the MLB level were further complicated by the minor-league shutdown last season due to the coronavirus pandemic. Newly returned team president Sandy Alderson doesn’t want to to see Tebow’s baseball dreams end in such a manner.

It turns out Tebow feels the same way, as Alderson relayed this week that the former Heisman Trophy winner will return to the Mets’ farm system next year.

“So I talked to Tim Saturday, in between Florida football and some other SEC [broadcasting] obligations,” Alderson said, via the New York Post. “He’s anxious to come back. And I told Tim, ‘Look, why would you want to end your quest based on a COVID-related reason? You didn’t get a chance to perform this year.’ He was hurt a little bit the previous year. So I think Tim is committed to coming back. And I think we’re committed to giving him an opportunity to do that and we’ll see where it goes.

“This is not a quest without end. At some point it will culminate. But I think that will be at a time when Tim and the organization come to some agreement about where he is and what his potential is. But I didn’t want him to go out based on some COVID-related interruption.”

Set to embark upon his fourth season in the New York Mets’ farm system, Tebow recently spoke candidly about where his career stands and how long he’ll remain committed to realizing his MLB dreams.

The former NFL quarterback did appear to be making headway in 2018, but a hand injury in 2019 short-circuited any notable progress. Then, the COVID-19 compromised minor-league season in 2020 now means Tebow hasn’t played in a game since July 21, 2019.

Still, Tebow’s legitimate MLB prospects are slim to none. While he has hit 18 home runs and slashed at a .223/.299/.338 clip in 1,048 career minor-league at-bats, his defensive deficiencies and the absence of any expectation of improvement at the plate leaves Tebow in minor-league purgatory.

Despite the seemingly insurmountable obstacles standing in his way, Tebow is prepared to give his baseball career another shot in 2021. It certainly sounds like the Mets organization is happy to give the 33-year-old minor leaguer at least one more opportunity.