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Lonzo Ball revealed as a Masked Singer on brother LaMelo’s draft night

Lonzo Ball was revealed on Wednesday night as the latest star athlete who opted to be a performer on a bizarre reality show where incognito celebrities don outrageous costumes and sing popular songs.

What’s more, his “unmasking” came on the same night that younger brother LaMelo Ball had his moment in the spotlight at the 2020 NBA Draft.

That’s right, the New Orleans Pelicans guard was exposed as #WhatchamacallitMask on Wednesday night’s edition of the surprisingly smash-hit FOX show, “The Masked Singer.”

Ball, as his uniquely named and garishly garbed “Masked Singer” alter ego, performed Terror Squad’s “Lean Back” before the big reveal.

It merits noting that “The Masked Singer” was prerecorded, so Lonzo was able to be at brother LaMelo’s side when he was selected by the Charlotte Hornets with the No. 3 pick in the draft.

Ball joined the likes of Tony Hawk, Barry Zito, Victor Oladipo, Laila Ali, Johnny Weir, Terry Bradshaw, Antonio Brown and Mark Sanchez as personalities from the world of sports who have taken the stage on “The Masked Singer.”

Rob Gronkowski also performed on the show earlier this year as the “White Tiger.” The then-retired tight end even teased his ultimate return to the NFL on the reality series.

While it was probably a thrill for Lonzo to perform on “The Masked Singer,” one can only venture to guess how the outspoken, attention-seeking and spotlight-stealing LaVar Ball feels about his son appearing on a reality show.

Well, a reality a show from which he isn’t able to weasel in and extract some sort of profit, that is.