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Pat McAfee bemoans current quality of NFL color commentators

Pat McAfee went scorched earth this week when weighing on the quality of color commentating during NFL telecasts, essentially stating some of the individuals currently occupying network booths are not even close to qualified for the job.

After taking in the action during Week 10, McAfee unleashed a profanity-laced screed on his eponymously named “The Pat McAfee Show” about what he characterizes as the dismally unqualified crop of current NFL color commentators.

“I’m done with it,” McAfee said. “There are some commentators that (expletive) suck out there, that should not allowed to be covering the NFL. Send them to high school games. There are some people that should not be allowed to speak over games and it is getting to the point where it’s embarrassing almost. And I know it’s not an easy job, it’s not an easy job at all. … But there are some people who are commentating games that shouldn’t be allowed to commentate games.”

McAfee has carved out quite the niche in the sports media world since his retirement in 2017 following a seven-year run as punter with the Indianapolis Colts. His rise to the higher ranks of sports punditry was a predictable one, though, as the antics and outgoing personality he displayed during his NFL career showcased how well-suited he was for the job.

What’s more, the case can be made that McAfee speaks for many NFL fans who are at their wits’ end over the subpar quality of color commentating. Outside of perhaps the estimable and almost universally revered Tony Romo and a handful of others, there are few color commentators that come to mind who actually enhance the game day viewing experience.

Instead, many of them leave fans scratching their heads, wringing their hands and make sarcastic remarks over what is sometimes half-baked and occasionally completely inept analysis. McAfee may be on to something here.