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Has Cam Newton’s free-spirited attitude reinvigorated Bill Belichick?

There was plenty of skepticism about Cam Newton’s potential fit on the New England Patriots when word first surfaced about the team’s interest in signing the former MVP. Much of the concern centered around how Newton’s laid-back, carefree approach to football would mesh with the no-nonsense “Patriot Way” methods long employed by Bill Belichick.

Now that the two seemingly incongruent personalities have had half a season to familiarize themselves with one another, it sounds like Newton and Belichick have both benefited from their still-evolving partnership.

During remarks to the media this week, Belichick spoke glowingly of Newton, praising the quarterback for the very issues that led to concern that the two would mix like oil and water.

“He kind of brings a different, kind of a fresher maybe energy or perspective to the things that I think we all can appreciate that, as well. So, I think it’s really worked out in a positive way from that standpoint,” Belichick said of Newton. “I’m sure he’s learned some things about our organization and learned some things from us, and I think we’ve all learned some things from him. You can see why he’s accomplished so much in other – whether it be in Carolina or at Auburn – why he’s been so successful in other places over a long period of time, as well.”

Belichick’s intriguing comments about Newton comes on the heels of the quarterback lavishing praise on his new head coach. Earlier this week, Newton gushed over Belichick by referring to him as a “football whisperer” who has a “straight direct line to the football gods.”

No one obviously expected Belichick to deviate from his tried-and-true approach to running a football team. The same can be said about Newton, who has long exhibited a carefree demeanor when it comes to playing the game.

What’s more, the budding relationship is starting to pay dividends, as the Patriots have rebounded from a four-game slide — much of which could be attributed in large part to Newton’s poor play — to notch victories in their last two games.

Even better, Newton’s charismatic presence appears to have had a positive impact on Belichick, whose comments hint that the quarterback may have had a reinvigorating effect on the curmudgeonly coach.